hiveku serves as a portal, an incubator, a hub of creative thought and work. We aim here to develop and embrace our talents, as well as meeting any challenge with youthful vigour. We are the future and the future starts now.

Orginally intended to serve as a multifaceted web-engine for media students, our expectations have been brought to a point of focus. With thoughts of educating, challenging and creating a spectacle at the forefront, we utilize a broad spectrum of competence that arrives at the door of our University, people from many different walks of life coming together to create a multi model presentation. Long term we hope to develop hiveku into a recognisable brand, a magazine able to attract potential employers. Right now we’ll settle for entertaining and impressing the public, our friends and family, as well the internet passerby.


Who is responsible?

The 2015 editor and creator is Joergen, he usually does not approve of talking about himself in the third person. Norwegian by blood, awkwardly British by choice; Joergen has worked in digital restoration of art for the last few years besides his studies and will further explore that profession after his studies end.

As far as this website goes, the focus has been to create a basis, a hub on which to build the page further. Set the bar at a non-threatening level so to motivate and reassure next years students.

Hello there

During the academic year it is possible to contact us for tasks encompassing most creative work. It is always preferable to get these from our professors and tutors therefore we ask that you liaise with NAME or NAME in order to get to the student most competent for the relevant mission. Most questions directed towards the website or our experience as students at Kingston University can be directed at our student representative.

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