Aleksandr Pestriakov

The main reason for creating this application was to examine the behaviour of a user in digital world and to bring forward a new technology such as Augmented Reality to be used in mobile application. My customer need an application to get an advantage... read more

Nissi Musuyu

Kin La Belle Upon returning to the Democratic Republic of Congo after spending more than a decade in the United Kingdom where my family and me had emigrated when I was a child, I found myself falling in love with my country and Africa all over again. Although trapped... read more

Gabriele Grazulyte

Game Changers This film is about four the most successful Kingston University students. The goal is to inspire students, that are passive or not taking enough actions due to the lack of confidence, budget, time etc. – which keep them away from hitting their... read more

Agnese Zodzina

The Inhabitant Project focuses on the cultural identities we carry with us. It is an experience film, which shows two art students going through their everyday routes through the city they live in, in this case it is my original hometown Riga, and my new hometown –... read more
HIVEKU is a client-based brief provided to the student by Landé Pratt and Fleeta Siegel, both professors at Kingston University. The aim was to create a create student incubator through a web portal (, with the long term plan to develop a student agency... read more
The Rise of the Female Gamer: Examining #GamerGate #GamerGate is a recent movement in the video gaming culture. It highlights sexism and misogyny within the industry, towards both women game designers and female gamers. This dissertation explores the identity of the... read more