Adelaide Serongwa

How “Social Construction” Portrays The Image Of “Whiteness” (An Emerging Concept Of Cultural Theory) As An Inclusion Of Advertising Tool During Campaigns: In Context To Use Of Black Females

The research deals with the portrayal of the image of “whiteness” the social construction and its use in the advertisement tools that are used in promotional campaigns. The issue is studied in the context of the use of the black females in the advertisements. It has been identified that the image of whiteness has created a certain kind of partial situation in the advertisement industry that enables white models to gain an upper hand in featuring in the advertisements compared to the black models. In recent times, as well the models are discriminated in accordance with their skin tones. The research aims is to evaluate the ideology that is present in the society and can be analysed with respect to the western stereotype. The appearance of a dark skinned female can be made better with the concept of “whiteness”. The concept that has been prevailing in the society is that women who are white or are fair are more successful. There is a general urge in the society that these women are more beautiful than black women are. They are more successful in their life. The study has revealed that the black models reflect to the social construction of the blacks in general as the advertisements and the promotional campaigns are designed in accordance with the culture of the target community. Business organisation assume the kind of approach that may generate positive perception for the product of the organisation in the target market. Thus, observing the trends of featuring white models more that the black models in the promotional campaigns indicate that the business organisations identify the customers to be preferring to see the white models in the advertisements more than the back skinned models. This is based on the idea of “whiteness” emerged primarily in European counties