Nissi Musuyu

Kin La Belle

Upon returning to the Democratic Republic of Congo after spending more than a decade in the United Kingdom where my family and me had emigrated when I was a child, I found myself falling in love with my country and Africa all over again. Although trapped in a system of recklessness and political unrest as constantly portrayed by the media it was wonderful to see that these negative stereotypes that were being put out by the media were only showing one side of a country that was once a shining symbol of Africa’s modernity, growth and prosperity. This short film aims to explore and show the other side of the Democratic Republic of Congo that is often ignored or misinterpreted by the media and unknown to the international community.

Gabriele Grazulyte

Game Changers

This film is about four the most successful Kingston University students. The goal is to inspire students, that are passive or not taking enough actions due to the lack of confidence, budget, time etc. – which keep them away from hitting their goals. The strategy is to focus on students’ stories of how they became successful. One of the most important aspects of the storyboard is to build a relationship between a story teller and a viewer, in this case the film is more engaging and realistic. The relationship is built by the interviewees as they take themselves back to the moments when they were passive, negative and confused. In this case, the viewers are able to familiarise themselves with the story tellers, which take them through the whole story of how they became successful.  Followed this, the viewer more likely going to believe the story of success, because it is shown that it starts from nowhere, from failures and it can be delivered by anyone to the most successful and magical moments.

Andre McKinley

UK Rappers, Road 2 Success

Many successful artists and bands have emerged from the UK and have left their mark within our music industry as well as in America. However within the list of successful acts to impact America we have a low number of UK rappers to go over there and have significant success. When looking into this matter we see that UK rappers aren’t received as well in the UK as American rappers are in America. Looking into the UK charts you see more American rappers in their then UK rappers. In fact there is a lack of consistency from UK rappers in the charts. Many UK rappers who have gained success in the UK have ventured over to America and haven’t managed to be successful. Realising that there is something that is preventing UK Hip-Hop/Grime rappers to flourish in America. This short documentary will attempt to uncover the issues UK rappers face to be consistent in the UK. Which may not just affect the success overseas but also UK. By asking a few people who are involved in the UK hip-hop/Grime scene some questions from their point of view, things they have seen. The aim is to increase awareness and find potential causes.

Emma Holt

What is a Fan? A Short Documentary

This short documentary explores the realm of fan culture and activity. Without hesitation it asks the audience the ultimate question, what is a fan?

I produced this documentary because I am fan myself, and I used this as a tool to help me realise my true self and what it means to be a fan. The film itself, explores deeper into the world of fan culture, asking questions whether there are different ways to be a fan and if this means that someone is less of a fan because they practice it differently.   The documentary is focused around interviews from London’s Film and Comic Con, and a profile of a ‘hard-core’ fan. The questions asked are based on the area of fandoms and why it’s all coming to the forefront of society now. The questions posed cause the interviewees to think and make them contemplate what it actually means to be a fan and why it matters. Also, they are asked to consider the negative side within fandoms, and see if this prevents them in any way as being a fan.   However, the documentary isn’t looking for the right answer. It’s used as a way to represent the fans themselves. Those who are open and want to show outsiders the truth about the fan world and get them to engage with this area.

So, this is a fan creating a short documentary about fans and it’s up to you, the viewer, to decide what a fan is.

Lawrence Hills-Walters

Underdog Psychosis

Underdog Psychosis is a documentary that explores young working class males and their attitudes to success. The documentary was inspired by my own experience of growing up in working class London observing the attitudes of my peers. Working class males have the same potential as anybody else but too often they do not believe they can achieve the things someone from a privileged background could. The documentary asks these men first hand what the barriers are and if there is a solution.

Lobna Hassanein

Women in Islam – Documentary / YouTube Series

The final project that has been chosen is an FMP that focuses on the religion Islam, the Middle Eastern culture vs. Western culture and opinions of six different Muslim women. The FMP is a documentary and a YouTube mini-series under the production I have created called ‘LostGeneration TV’ on YouTube along with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts to spread the production amongst audiences in different locations. The whole aim of LostGeneration TV is to inform and educate the audience about different topics. The name ‘LostGeneration TV’ comes from a group of people who are lost and do not seek knowledge. The aim of this channel is to help educate this generation in an entertaining way rather than educating the audience in a dull way as technology seems to revolve around the world and a person’s interest.

The documentary starts with introducing the different women that have a voice, which are there to express their beliefs and opinions about Islam and how women are treated in their religion and culture. This topic is chosen, as it is relevant in the media who portray Islam in a negative way especially when it comes to women, they are represented through the Western media as slaves and Islam is a man-made religion. This documentary is an eleven-minute pilot from the first season of ‘Women in Islam’ that consists a total of six episodes to express opinions and representation.