Charlotte Young

The Rise of the Female Gamer: Examining #GamerGate

#GamerGate is a recent movement in the video gaming culture. It highlights sexism and misogyny within the industry, towards both women game designers and female gamers. This dissertation explores the identity of the gamer in relation to the rise of female gamers and how this inevitable led to the Gamer Gate controversy. What began as ethical issues in game journalism quickly led to an attack on women developers and designers as an attempt to force them out of the industry. This dissertation contextualises the debates surrounding the female gamer and women in the video game industry using an ethnographic survey, completed online by 70 participants, who were followed by interviews with PMS SugarPuff and SPARTANPhelixia. In conclusion this project explores the evolving industry and the challenges that arose with the Gamer Gate controversy. The growing minority has helped the beginning of change for traditional gender roles and is becoming more prevalent within the industry.