Featured Project |  Sneak Preview from Open Space, the conference exhibition.


Media Convergence 2015 is a conference in which students can showcase, present and discuss their work over the span of two days mid-May. It is the culmination of a three year degree in Media and Cultural Studies and is open to the family and friends. We welcome anyone to challenge, experience and otherwise enjoy this multifaceted conference where the focus is as varied as its presenters.

Why Media Convergence Now? Indeed as students and professionals, the convergence of media is of great interest, not only because of its dynamics, but also how it influences our creative work. Media Convergence is in many ways reflective of the body of work which has been produced by students at this year’s conference and exhibition.

Run by students and facilitated by our Programme Tutor, this is an event put on by the talent of tomorrow and one that should not be missed.



Olga is the video maestro, her experience invaluable, and the technical whizz of moving images. Creating the trailer and documentation her responsibility.


Annie, crazy organized, crazily hard working, the engine and catalyst for the conference. Has her hand in everything that happens. Our liaison to the faculty, doing a fine job promoting student interests.


The creative director, Norwegian both in looks and personality. Makes up for his adequate artistic skills with unfounded confidence. Hates writing about himself.


Our social media representatives, and what a combination it is. Part suave, part excellence, these two will stop at nothing promoting our magical conference. Artistic, social and with an abundance of confidence the two make up one dynamic duo.


Martha, conscientious, talkative, and probably the smartest of the bunch. Our magnificent content editor will stop at nothing to get the good message of student media design out there.


Varvara is our photographer, capturing the essence of student life, one still at a time. Granted a superhuman sense of when to capture the moment this Moscowian was born for the role, which her previous work experience for the Russian channels RT and Fusion Style TV will attest.