Diana Lei

Raimunda – A Wise Defender 

The main aim of this final major project is to research how female identity is constructed in Pedro Almodovar’s work, with special focus on one of his movies – Volver (2006). In order to comply with these objectives, the short video explores the key themes and topics from the movie Volver (2006), such as death, motherhood and representation of ‘the independent woman figure’. Almodovar often chooses female as the primary characters and his work offers a female representation differs from the mainstream. His work has a unique style and it has been frequently defined as uncategorised.

The project shows my research on Le Grice’s work in relation to the experimental genre and his work has inspired me in terms of editing techniques and videos effects. The experimental genre consists of certain distinctive characteristics, various abstracting techniques – out – of – focus, scratching on film, repetition, close – up shots and rapid editing. The genre often has its goal to place the audience in an active and thoughtful relationship to the film.

The project insists to produce a ‘parody’ version of Almodovar’s work in an experimental way combining both parts of the research. The female identity is represented as the dominant characters, strong and independent in Almodovar’s work which challenges the mainstream representation of women. The short film evokes a spirit of experimentalism as well as offers the audience to build a relationship with the film in terms of engaging with the female characters