Jonathan Nino

A major export coming out of Japan for the last couple decades has been in the form of comic books. These are commonly known as manga and their animated form is called anime. Manga which was born in Japan can now be widely found across the world in local book stores to our local libraries and has grown a huge following over in the west. I wanted to investigate the origins behind the creation of manga and anime, also the influences it had when it was being formed. I also wanted to discover how manga had impacted on the west and why it has become the major export coming out of Japan. I found several examples of how both western comic books and manga had taken influence from each other as well as anime had impacts on western cartoons. Manga and anime had even made it into western cinema and gained praise over in the west. The reason for making the dissertation was to make people more aware of what manga really is and how it has impacted on Japan and the rest of the world.