Katie Loader


Since the digital revolution technology has changed the way in which society communicates with the decline in face-to-face communication and the shift towards communicating online. This dissertation will explore how ‘Catfishing’ as a phenomenon has impacted the way in which social media is used as people have become less connected to each other. Catfishing is the term used to describe the creation of a false identity online normally with the premise to lure someone into a relationship. The issue that surrounds Catfishing is that social networking sites have presented a new platform in which identities can be performed. Catfish the TV Show introduced ‘Catfishing’ when it was first premiered in 2012 in America before airing in the UK. The TV show highlighted existing themes on gender and sexuality relating to Judith Butler’s theory on gender performance. Building on the theories of Judith Butler and Sherry Turkle the research will consist of four case studies to analyse how Catfishing has changed our ideas of constructing relationships, reality and the self.