Lobna Hassanein

Women in Islam – Documentary / YouTube Series

The final project that has been chosen is an FMP that focuses on the religion Islam, the Middle Eastern culture vs. Western culture and opinions of six different Muslim women. The FMP is a documentary and a YouTube mini-series under the production I have created called ‘LostGeneration TV’ on YouTube along with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts to spread the production amongst audiences in different locations. The whole aim of LostGeneration TV is to inform and educate the audience about different topics. The name ‘LostGeneration TV’ comes from a group of people who are lost and do not seek knowledge. The aim of this channel is to help educate this generation in an entertaining way rather than educating the audience in a dull way as technology seems to revolve around the world and a person’s interest.

The documentary starts with introducing the different women that have a voice, which are there to express their beliefs and opinions about Islam and how women are treated in their religion and culture. This topic is chosen, as it is relevant in the media who portray Islam in a negative way especially when it comes to women, they are represented through the Western media as slaves and Islam is a man-made religion. This documentary is an eleven-minute pilot from the first season of ‘Women in Islam’ that consists a total of six episodes to express opinions and representation.