Digital Art

Selected works

Viktoria Buschmann

FInal Major Project, 2015 | Online Narrative, Optimised for tablet use.

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Aleksander Pestriakov

Final Major Project, 2015 | Real Estate Search App

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Hollie Bridgland

Final Major Project, 2015: Online Magazine | Experimental | Digital Photography

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Egemen Akbas

Creative Digital Environments, 2015 | ‘Gateway’
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Emma Holt

Media Rights & Mashups 2015 | ‘Everyday Leading Ladies’

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Kim Sy

Media Rights & Mashups, 2015 | Ads-Venture

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The Open Space exhibition this year saw a range of projects, which could not be placed squarely in either television, news ,film /video, photography, web, client based work.  Instead, at their core we see the role and practice of digital art. Curated here is a wide range of types of project incorporating experiments in hypertext and non-linear storytelling; e-poetry; app development; digital manipulation; digital photography; culture jamming and more.