Shuhan Duan

A feminist analysis of “Empresses in the palace” and “The Tudors”

Feminism is a series of a social movement that had an enormous impact on television drama criticism and theory. A number of feminism-related dramas revealed how the female were described in the broader historical background. Both Empresses in The Palace (2011) and The Tudors (2007) are fictionalized story that are based on actual historical period and a number of real people. This project will focus on these two different palace dramas to find out how the palace drama presents the feminist theme in these two specific television series. The aim of this study project is to identify feminist theme through analysing palace drama with feminist TV theory and to explore how palace dramas show the feminism plot in the historical background. Both “Empresses in the palace” and “The Tudors” are used to analyse the relationship of palace drama and feminism. This study demonstrates the relationship between palace drama and feminism by analysing the production, character and narrative, and historical issues of Empresses in the palace and The Tudors. Moreover, this study identifies the differences of Empresses in the palace and The Tudors from a feminist approach and explores the differences of biographical feminist drama in different cultural contexts. The main findings of this project is the characteristics of Zhen Huan is more positive than Anne Boleyn, the author of Empresses in the Palace (2011) develops a “perfect” female character to represent the feminist plots of this palace drama. It is mainly because Empresses in the Palace (2011) and The Tudors are used to draw more audience’s attention and make these TV series more relatable to the modern audience.