Gabriele Grazulyte

Game Changers

This film is about four the most successful Kingston University students. The goal is to inspire students, that are passive or not taking enough actions due to the lack of confidence, budget, time etc. – which keep them away from hitting their goals. The strategy is to focus on students’ stories of how they became successful. One of the most important aspects of the storyboard is to build a relationship between a story teller and a viewer, in this case the film is more engaging and realistic. The relationship is built by the interviewees as they take themselves back to the moments when they were passive, negative and confused. In this case, the viewers are able to familiarise themselves with the story tellers, which take them through the whole story of how they became successful.  Followed this, the viewer more likely going to believe the story of success, because it is shown that it starts from nowhere, from failures and it can be delivered by anyone to the most successful and magical moments.

Varvara Ivanova

Where is your place for inspiration?

The film tells a story of three main characters who found their favourite inspirational place in life.

Renata, art photographer based in London. Her inspiration she found in areas such as Shoreditch, Hoxton and Brick Lane. She is really passionate about graffiti’s on the walls. She combines her art of taking photos with a street art.

Angelika, a 40 years old woman, who is living in countryside house near Moscow. She surrounded by animals. Every weekend she is spending her time in stable, she has her own horse, his name “Voyatel”. Riding a horse it’s not just a hobby for Angelika, it’s her life. It’s better to say that animals are all her life. At home she has 3 dogs and 8 puppies .She finds her inspiration and love in her animals, her life seems to be really different from life of many people in big urban city such as Moscow.

Elena, girl who is travelling to Eastbourne to her favorite place (Beachy Head) and red lighthouse. This place is the most inspirational place for her and represents her life in England.

Maybe everyone has a place for inspiration or maybe favorite places of my characters will become a source of inspiration for my viewers.  I believe that, documentary is the best type of genre where you are able to catch a visibility of language, through the different techniques, which film director will decide to use – Varvara

Olivia Harwood /Media Panel

Through the Looking Glass

This research project investigates how the iconic Disney Princess has developed from 1937 to 2013, with changes in society. The first chapter of the project is the literature review. This review analyses a range of scholarly works surrounding Disney, and highlights three leading themes. These themes are Narrative, Gender and Race and Ethnicity. The body of work critically analyses these themes in relation to three Disney animation films. The three films are Snow White, (1937), Mulan, (1998) and Frozen, (2013). The investigation highlights the way that Disney portrays the Disney Princess in a variety of ways in order to present a range of subliminal messages and values of life to audiences.  My aim throughout the research project was to focus on the way the iconic Disney princess has been portrayed from the very first appearance in Snow White as I feel with changes in social cultures comes changes in the role of the princess and this research highlights the way in which this is done through the leading themes which aid in the development of this character. This presentation will give a step-by-step guide through some of the readings I have discovered in order to form my analysis and show the way in which my project developed from a basic idea to the structure of my dissertation.