Tara Hakim

Internal Exposure

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a person inflicted with an eating disorder? Have you ever seen, connected with, or experienced an intimate glimpse into a sufferer’s world? The content of my work reflects the mysteries, the unique reality and ways of being, of an eating disorder sufferer. A conceptual, experimental exploration. The work is the result of months of experimenting with the same idea, months of taking self-portraits, continuously and in varied ways. A process of experimentation with different mediums, there are photographs, videos, performance, sound and a website for an expanded digital experience. Mainly inspired by Marina Abramovic, an artist who only explores ideas that she is afraid of, ideas that make her feel uneasy, the work reflects the exploration of an idea that I am afraid of, eating disorders. It plays, tackles and considers the idea over and over in hopes that it finally transcends. The focus is to examine the relationship between visual communication, the audience and experience. The work aims at creating/gathering response, emotion, thought, discussion and reaction. It is visual, it stimulates, and targets different senses. It asks you to look, experience, and reflect. A self-based multi-modal body of work, an installation to explore and experience.