Viktoria Buschmann

So Many Windows Not Enough Air

This is a digital art project developed to use on a tablet and it is not responsive. In terms of technology I used Adobe Muse, Adobe Edge Animate and Photoshop. I did a questionnaire about social media behaviour and left a blank space for people to mention points that come to their mind. I visualised those anonymous statements into a digital art project. The challenge was to point out the difference between positive and negative sentences and to animate each sentence creatively. Moreover I wanted it to make the audience think a little bit about their own feelings regarding the usage of social media. How much time do you spend on Facebook? Do you think social media is influencing your body image? Do you stalk your ex? Within this project I did a self test and deactivated my Facebook account in December 2014. I forgot most of my friends birthdays nonetheless I am not back on it and I doubt I will use it again. I am happy to meet my friends and discuss what happened without knowing everything from their Facebook wall in advance.